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Jayanthi Rehabilitation Centre

Helping those suffering from leprosy live a fulfilling life.

Jayanthi Rehabilitation Centre is a small group project for the housing, care and rehabilitation of people suffering from Hanson’s disease (Leprosy). A site of more than five acres of picturesque rocky land about fifty kilometres north of Hyderabad in south India was granted to us by the State Govt in September 1996, and building began shortly after that. As much of the land was rock strewn hills, an additional acre of adjoining flat land was later purchased to facilitate future development, especially for gardening purposes.

The Centre is located near the village of Dasarlapally. It is a lovely place with a backdrop of huge boulders on a ridge forming the southern boundary. These boulders sometimes house peacocks, and also monkeys which sometimes raid fruit trees and some garden plants.

Buildings consist of a guesthouse, supervisors residence, a doctors consulting room, a kitchen, a meeting room, 8 twin cottages and a store room. Electricity is connected and much more reliable than when we first occupied the site, but we still run invertor/battery systems for emergency power. Water is pumped from a borewell to supply water, and there is a septic system installed.

Daily Bible reading, prayers and singing, together with a monthly Worship Service supported by Hyderabad Christadelphians, take place in the Meeting Room for those who choose to attend. The supervisors are a young couple who live on the site.

The property contains many beautiful trees and well cultivated vegetable and flower gardens.

We also operate a mobile street clinic in Hyderabad–Secunderabad which provides medicines, dressings and treatment for about 250 patients with Hanson’s disease weekly.

These photos show the building of Jayanthi Rehabilitation Centre, and various events and happenings since then.