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Leprosy treatment

We provide treatment and care to people suffering from leprosy through two different projects – our rehabilitation centre in the village of Dasarlapally, and our mobile clinic, which treats more then 250 people each week.

Jayanthi Rehabilitation Centre (Dasarlapally)

Jayanthi Rehabilitation Centre is a small group project for the housing, care and rehabilitation of people suffering from Hanson’s disease (leprosy). A site of more than five acres of picturesque rocky land about fifty kilometres north of Hyderabad in south India was granted to us by the State Govt in September 1996, and building began shortly after that. As much of the land was rock strewn hills, an additional acre of adjoining flat land was later purchased to facilitate future development, especially for gardening purposes.

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Jayanthi Mobile Clinic (Hyderabad)

The Mobile Street Clinic operates three times a week in different locations in Hyderabad–Secunderabad, providing medicines, dressings and treatment for about 250 patients. This vital work, as well as improving the quality of life for the sufferers, ensures that those who may not otherwise continue in treatment, are supplied regular medication and therefore do not transmit the disease to others.

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