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Child Nutrition 2019

According to UNICEF and Govt of India statistics, malnutrition among children in India fell from 38.4% in 2015-16 to 34.7% in 2017-18. While this statistic is encouraging, it still leaves us with over 100 million malnourished children in India.

Hill of Hope, through providing a simple 180 ml, thrice weekly nutrition drink of local natural ingredients is able to help in a small way to significantly improve the health of children in its programme. During 2019 about 2,500 children in vulnerable areas, regularly received the nutrition drink.

Each batch of the nutrition drink is a mixture of the following ingredients: Ragi flour, green gram, Bengal gram, groundnuts, milk powder, jaggery & where especially needed, vitamin drops. Prepared as a drinkable porridge, it is a healthy ‘thick shake’ the children love.

₹85 a month provides the nutrition drink 12 times a month to a child at risk of malnutrition. A ₹10,000 contribution from a HILL OF HOPE FRIEND supports five children for two crucial years in their development. For chidren on a basic rice diet the drink raises the nutrition intake above the risk levels.

Child malnutrition – still 100 million in India

You can help. Become a Hill of Hope Friend with a donation of ₹10,000 and share the joy of helping us in the work through activities, newsletters and the blessing of knowing that you have made a difference. Corporate Hill of Hope Friend membership is available for ₹50,000. Your Corporate logo will feature in many of our activities.

Words of Appreciation:

To, Hill of Hope Foundation, Hyderabad.

Many thanks for supplying nutrition during this academic year. Children enjoy the taste and do not hesitate to come back for a second glass whenever required or available. Our children are healthy and no more any case of anaemia or slow growth as was earlier reported in our community. In addition to the above distribution, some powder was equally given to two families who were very poor and insufficiently fed. The result was excellent. Our malnourished Salma comes back to dynamic existence and improvements in studies. As for Swapna Aunty who broke her leg out of weakness, the nutrition helped her to repair the bones and after 4 months of being bed ridden, she can now think of resuming work after another 3 months. The nutrition supplied is of high grade and serves our growing, and yet struggling population.

We thank you very much for sharing with us and contributing to the better faring of our rural and poor urban friends.

With our best wishes and thanks to Hill of Hope Foundation.

M c de Rochemonteix, Founder, Marica Higher Educational Society, Chevella, RR Dt, T.S.